Oracle DBA

These certifications help to progress in the IT career.

Our Oracle DBA certification training program covers all those topics required for you to become a self sustained Oracle DBA.

Learn Oracle DBA- A Lucrative Career Option 

One of the most popular software company “Oracle” has developed the world’s popular enterprise level database management system, that become leader of the database in IT market. Due to IT explosion, the demand of massive amount of data storage increase the demand of well qualified professionals to manage databases. Understanding this scenario, Quantoknack introduced online Oracle DBA certification course to improve the learners’ skills. This online course explains an important function in any organization that is dependent on one or more databases. Online tutorial session will help you to understand the mainstream DBMS software such as Oracle, SQL Server and IBM Database Server. With the changing trend in education, Quantoknack online training help those peoples who wish to avail quality training at their doorstep at reasonable cost. 

Learning outcome with Quantoknack – 

  • In-depth understanding of Oracle installation
  • Knowledge of DBA and different job roles
  • Understanding of Oracle database architecture
  • Easily diagnose database failure and other problems
  • Solve real time business challenges
  • Understand the job responsibilities of DBAs
  • Understanding of networking and configuration in database
Key Elements for Oracle DBA Training!

  • You will get best professional trainers
  • Real Time Scenarios and Challenges 
  • Assignments according to Topic
  • 24/7 Support to answer your query
  • Custom Topics
  • Detailed Industry Materials.
  • In-depth Hands on examples
  • Learn anywhere, anytime
  • Each Session will be recorded so that you can revise as per your schedule.
  • Our genuine guidance bring out best in you
  • We offer update about latest marketing trends that help every online learner to select right path.
  • Videos are well prepared by well-experienced instructors
Oracle Database Administration Introduction
  • Course Objectives and Schedule
  • Overview of Oracle Database 11g
  • Basic of Oracle Cloud
  • Physical and Logical Phase of Database
Oracle Database Creation and Instance Management
  • Creating a Database using DBCA
  • Configuring and Deleting Database Options with DBCA
  • Managing Templates using DBCA
  • Database Templates
  • ASM Instance
  • Initialization Parameter
  • Starting, Shutting, Viewing and Tracing, log and Data Dictionary

Oracle Database Model & its Architecture
  • Describe Oracle database architecture in brief
  • Instance Configurations
  • Connection Database Instance
  • Basic of Memory Structures 
  • Process Architecture and Startup Sequence
  • Overview of Storage Architecture and configuration 
Configuring Network User Security
  • Introduction to Oracle Net Services and Listener
  • Establishing Network Connections 
  • Required Tools for Configuring & Managing the Network
  • Securing Database User Accounts
  • Predefined Roles
  • Implementing Profiles
Installing and Preparing the Database Environments
  • Prepare for Installation
  • Identify the necessary tools for Database Installation
  • Component-based installations using - Oracle Universal Installer (OUI)
  • Understanding Oracle Grid Infrastructure and Installation requirements
  • Various Installation Type i.e silent
Database Auditing and Maintenance
  • Introduction about Standard Auditing
  • Type of Auditing, Review and Maintaining the audit trail
  • Monitoring for Compliance
  • Maintenance Tasks, Consistency Checks, health check, Update Statistics, Object Maintenance, Error Logs, Alert Logs, and Trace Files.
  • Maintaining Automatic Workload Repository and Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor.
Performance and Tuning
  • Performance Planning and Monitoring
  • Memory Management and Allocation 
  • Tuning Activities
  • Instance Tuning Using Performance Views
  • Data Performance Tuning
Database Backup and Recovery Using RAMAN (Recovery Manager)
  • Overview of Backup and Recovery
  • Basic Concepts and Strategies of Backup and Recovery 
  • Forms of Data Recovery
  • Learn the significance of RMAN
  • Automatic Disk Based Backup & Recovery
  • Oracle Flashback Technology
  • Matching Failures to Backup & Recovery Method
  • RMAN RESTORE, Maintenance Tasks and Scenarios
Data Replication & Integration
  • How to Replicate data between connected databases
  • Use SQL*Loader to move data
  • Data Replication and Integration Tasks
  • Materialized View Replication
  • Communication between multiple database 

In market, there are several version of Oracle available so it is totally your choice to choose in which version you wish to become certified on. Our framed syllabus matches the real world requirements which are suitable for both beginner and advance level. Each and every module is covered in more practical way with proper examples which helps you to clear Oracle DBA certification exam from Oracle University.  

What is Oracle DBA Course?

This course explains the basic concepts of RDBMS and it will help you to become an Oracle DBA. It is one of the highly sought after jobs in the IT industry.

What does a Database Administrator do?

The oracle DBA uses specific software to store and organize data. They have more specific duty and responsible for maintaining large file containing customer and product information.

Oracle DBAs main goal is to make the information in a company database files available workers in the format that they need wherever they needed. A collage degree is not absolutely essential but usually its desirable often its more important to be familiar with programming concept ,in some case it may be necessary to become certified by taking courses and passing the exam to test your knowledge of the particular program and of course it’s essential to keep up constant changes in the software world, that’s a lots of work but atleast lots of opportunity. These professionals are indispensable to all type business, institutions, and government large or small.

What are the pre-requisites of learning Oracle DBA training

The beginners should have a Very basic knowledge of SQL and database concepts.

Why should you take Oracle DBA training course?

This online certification course will provide you best training with the essential skills to get jobs in the top companies with high salaries

How I can practice this course?

Detailed installation of required software. Our support tea will help you to understand the hardware requirements.

Is any programming experience is needed for learning?

No, this course does not require any programming experience.?

Vishal Kumar

Hi everyone, this is Vishal Kumar. I did Oracle DBA training at QuantoKnack. The quality of the training was really good with good course content. Thanks to my trainer and yes thanks to QuantoKnack for such a great online course.

Olivia Fernando

I have completed Oracle DBA online training and I learnt more technical concepts with great hands on experience from my trainer. Training was excellent with 100% practical sessions.

Avinash Anand

I attended Core DBA training online from QuantoKnack. I really liked the teaching style of Ramesh which easily makes his student involve into the subject because his way of delivering topics are very impressive. He explained each topic with real time challenging scenarios that he has faced in his projects which gave me enough confidence to build my carrier in Oracle DBA. Practical session was full day during the weekend

Anuj Singh

Oracle DBA course materials was well prepared and updated as per industry standard. The home works and the mock test are very well timed with the all topics covered during the training sessions.The instructor was very knowledgeable and professional in delivering the course topic, training, and preparing the students to achieve their career objectives in the Oracle DBA profession. I was bit shy to ask question, but he always encouraged me to ask question to clear the doubts. I strongly recommend everyone to take this course from this instructor.

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