Enroll with us and understand the role of QA in service delivery process and product development life cycle.

Combat with your organization's risk of expensive errors. Our Quality Assurance Certification enables you to distinguish potential methods of disappointment before propelling another item or process or adjusting a current one. You'll additionally figure out how to pick and test groups to viably complete these quality procedures. 

With this certification, you will learn a working knowledge of the Quality Assurance procedure as it is connected to modules, procedures, or frameworks. Recognize potential methods of issues and demonstrate their relationship to item plan or assembling process, alongside their belongings, if known, on the end utilization of the item. Utilize a deliberate way to deal with parallel, formalize, and report the psychological orders that a specialist applies to configuration forms. 

Why learn and get certified in Quality Assurance? 

  • To know about quality principles, supplier development and customer satisfaction as they are the core elements of this course.
  • You can easily set the parameters to evaluate the test results.
  • You will be able to excel and apply concepts in various technical platforms.         
  • Get complete learning environment that transform your society and your lives.    

Course Objective -

After the fulfillment of this course, Learner will get: 

  • Easily recognize the importance of standards in the quality management process.
  • Potential to isolate distinctive exercises of Quality Assurance, quality control, and quality arranging.
  • Ability to recognize the significance of benchmarks in the quality administration process and their effect on the last item.
  • Caliber to apply quality devices to control and screen procedures to help in nonstop change at work environment.
  • Responsive online session.
  • You can easily develop the automated test script to evaluate the application.
  • Easily write the test cases for every business requirements.
  • Comprehensive Upgrade your testing skills & efficiencies.
  • Key takeaways to lower the risk in taking testing decisions in the Organization.
  • Ability to Build Solid Testing Strategy.
  • Lifetime access to all the documentation that comes.
  • Assistance in resume building for entry level position.
  • Interview Preparation guide for QA Opportunity.
  • 24 by 7 support through Phone, chat, and emails.
Fundamentals of Testing and its Importance
  • Objectives and Principles of Application Testing.
  • Role of QA Tester in Project.
  • Manual and Automation Testing. 
  • Testing Methodology. 
  • Various components software  
  • Types of Application – Web, Windows, and Internet based Application.
  • Development Environments Vs Production Environments.
Testing Strategy & Planning
  • Test Plan Creation
  • Understanding Test Scenarios
  • Writing Test case and Script
  • Executing Testing – Positive and Negative 
  • Testing Standards
  • Test Data Creation and Executions
  • Test Logs and Report
Software Testing Life Cycle Overview
  • Requirement Analysis 
  • Test Planning
  • Test Case Design and Development:
  • Test Environment Setup
  • Test Execution and Log Management 
  • Test Closure
Type of Testing
  • Functional Testing and Technique
  • Dynamic Testing
  • Unit Test
  • Black Box Testing
  • Integration Test
  • Load / Performance Test
  • System Compatibility Test
  • White Box Testing
  • Smoke Test
  • Non-Functional Testing
  • Backend Test
  • UAT
  • Browser Compatibility Test
  • Security Test
  • Automated Testing and Testing Tools
Application Performance Testing
  • Overview of Application Performance testing 
  • Setting performance goals
  • Attributes of Performance testing
  • Load Testing
  • Stress Testing 
  • Soak Testing 
  • Configuration Testing 

Test Case Planning and Design
  • Test Case Templates
  • Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM)
  • Test Data Creation
  • Collecting various Type of Test Data
  • Creating and Managing Data Repository 
  • Test-Entry and Exit Criteria 
  • Risk Analysis in Test Environments.
  • Bug triaging
  • Bug Priority and Severity
Automation Testing - QTP
  • Benefit of Automation Testing 
  • HP- QTP -HP QuickTest Professional Introduction
  • QTP- Installation 
  • Data Driven Testing, Exception handling
  • Effective way to write Script- VBScript  
  • Record and Playback script
  • Analyzing the execution result 
Automation Testing – Load Runner
  • Introduction to Load Runner and Basic Architecture 
  • Instantiation 
  • Load Runner Script
  • Load Runner Components-  Virtual User Creation, Controller, Result Analysis.
Automation Testing – Selenium
  • Selenium Introduction 
  • Benefits and Key Features of Selenium Testing
  • Elements of Selenium and User Interactions
  • Various IDE and Plugins for Selenium 
  • Overview of Selenium Web Driver
  • Getting Started with TestNG
  • Annotations, Parameters, Groups- Include and Exclude, Test Result, Data Providers 
  • Hands on with Web Drives Programming 
  • JUNIT Framework 
  • Object Repository and Data Managements
  • Selenium Grid and Script Execution
  • Mobile Application Automation Testing – Appium
Sample Project with User Case
  • Real Time Project to help you understand Test Cases and automated scripts execution.
  • Manual Testing, and Automation Testing Examples 
  • Projects on HP-QTP and Selenium to covering all the topics.
Certified Associate in Software Quality (CASQ)
  • Question Pattern -  100 multiple-option Question
  • Duration: 75 Minutes to complete all the question
  • Passing Score – 70 %
  • Registration fee - $100
  • Retake fee - $100
  • Prerequisites – Candidates must meet ONE of the following eligible criteria
    •  3 or 4 Year college Degree, OR   
    •  2-year degree college degree and one year of IT experience, OR
    • Three year of IT experience.

Certified Software Quality Analyst (CSQA)
  • Question Pattern -  Part 1 – (100 multiple-option Question), Part 2 (Subjective questions)
  • Duration: Part 1 (75 minutes), Part 2 (75 minutes)
  • Passing Score – 70 %
  • Registration fee - $350 or $420
  • Prerequisites – Candidates must meet ONE of the following eligible criteria
    • 4-Year college Degree and 2-year IT experience, OR  
    • 3-Year college Degree and 3-year IT experience, OR
    • 2-Year degree college degree and 4 year of IT experience, OR 
    • 4-Year of IT experience.


Who can become a QA Software Testing Professional?

A professional from any background can become QA Software Testing professional with basic knowledge of computers and Microsoft office. To learn more about Quality Assurance please click here.

What are the skills required to become a Software Testing Professionals?

Quick Learner, Passion for Testing, Good Thinking and Analyzing Skills with creative mind.

What are the frequently used testing techniques?

Frequently used testing techniques are black box testing, white box testing and plan testing.

Is QA Online training course is the key to fetch well-paid job?

In the present day and age, it is extremely important to do something that sets you apart from others. And, this is what we offer in our QA Online Training course. 

Certified Software Quality Analyst (CSQA)
  • Question Pattern -  Part 1 – (100 multiple-option Question), Part 2 (Subjective questions)
  • Duration: Part 1 (75 minutes), Part 2 (75 minutes)
  • Passing Score – 70 %
  • Registration fee - $350 or $420
  • Retake fee - $100
  • Prerequisites – Candidates must meet ONE of the following eligible criteria        
    • 4- Year college Degree and 2-year IT experience, OR
    • 3- Year college Degree and 3-year IT experience, OR
    • 2-Year degree college degree and 4 year of IT experience, OR 
    • 4-Year of IT experience.

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I would truly recommend the course of QA. The main reason is to prepare you real well for the interview and the challenges that follow once you get selected.  

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This is my favorite course on Quantoknack. Great course content. But one suggestion is some modules need some more in-depth content refinement. Overall this course is must recommended. 

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